So you’ve decided to enlist the help of Moving Companies Buffalo NY for your move. While we’ll do most of the work, there are things that you can do as a homeowner (or tenant) to prepare for the moving process. These things will help the process move along smoothly and you’ll be moved to your new home or office before you know it. Here’s what you need to know on how to prepare for the moving process. 

How to prepare your house

Once you have your move scheduled with Moving Companies Buffalo NY, it is important to have your house or your facility as cleared out as possible. This means getting rid of any trash and separating anything that isn’t going with you on the move. If you have heavy or large objects, such as a double bed or a piano, make sure that all the hallways and path through the door is clear. This will make it easier for our expert movers to quickly get the job done. 

Allow for extra time

No matter how much you prepare and plan for your move, there’s always something that comes up, causing the moving process to take longer than expected. While our team works efficiently, it’s always a good rule of thumb to allow for extra cushion hours during your move. These extra hours you put aside can help make sure you are out of your home on time. It’s never a good idea to cut it down the wire when moving out so that you don’t get charged any extra fees for not vacating the premises in time. 

To minimize the extra time your move will take, be sure to discuss your move with our expert team members ahead of time. This will help us make sure we set you up with the right services and the right number of movers to get your job done in a timely fashion. Some of the key information we’ll need is: 

  • Is your move residential or commercial
  • Do you have any large items or furniture to move, such as a grand piano or giant dining table? 
  • Do you have any delicate items that need to be transported? 

Getting to a job only to find difficult to move furniture without enough movers will delay your move. So, make sure to communicate properly so we’re all on the same page. Otherwise what is promised to be a 3-4 hours job could easily turn into a 2 days move.

Know exactly where each thing is going to go

Having it all planned out and knowing exactly what is going where can help facilitate your move and get the process wrapped up quickly. Your movers will know where to put things and you’ll know where to find things. A good rule of thumb is to start with the major pieces of furniture. This will help your movers work without delay so they can do their work efficiently. 

Remember, the most important thing to do is prioritize and communicate thoroughly. Prepare your house properly and you will have a great return on investment. Call our team at Moving Companies Buffalo NY at 716-219-0021 if you have any questions before your move or if you’d like more information.