Best Dorm Room Movers

Need to move out of your dorm, don’t break the bank and call us

Expert Dorm Room and College Movers in Buffalo NY

You are sitting in your dorm room with a letter from Campus that says you must move out before a certain date or risk paying a fine. We have all been there, after a long exam periods the last thing you would want to think about is how to move all your stuff outside your dorm room.

Going to school in Canisius, Buff State or University at Buffalo? We can help make your life easier regardless of which school you or your son goes to in Western New York.

Regardless of how many items you have. Whether you have a mattress, mini-fridge, boxes of items your mom insisted you bring to your dorm etc. We can handle all these things and more (in case your roommate might want to move out and split the cost with you). School can be tough and we realize know it. Let us know if you need help moving out and we can easily give you a free estimate quote, depending on where you are and how much stuff you have .