Senior Moves Service

Our trained professionals will help you in the packing, moving, and storage of items


Get The Best Senior Moves Service

Moving Companies Buffalo NY takes pride in making senior moves as hasslefree and convenient as possible. We realize moving a parent or other elderly loved one is more than just logistics; they’re more of an emotional experience for all of the stakeholders involved. Our trained moving experts have several years worth of combined experience and fully understand how difficult senior moves are. We strive to remove as much stress from this experience as possible with our moving services.

Tackle the Unique Challenges Involved

You want nothing but the best talent working for you when it comes to moving your loved ones, especially someone who has helped with senior moves before. After all, this process involves a lot of trauma, overwhelming emotions, and often comes with complications. We realize our clients are often using this opportunity to let go of a lifetime worth of possessions that hold tremendous meaning. Moving Companies Buffalo NY will handle your job with the respect and care that it deserves.

The Process

To make sure you get the best service possible, we will work together with you to create a plan. Our experts go to great lengths to understand the whole situation and the personalities involved. The plan is drafted with care for everything that our clients value: some or all possessions, the meaning, and the experience. When making the plan, our experts may also discuss the various storage options that are available for those items that do not fit in your loved one’s new residence. If you choose to simply get rid of some furniture or other items, there are also excellent recycling and reusing chains available. The bottom line is that with Moving Companies Buffalo NY the client is in charge; we are simply here to help facilitate your move.

Once the plan is made, our trained professionals will help you in the packing, moving, and storage of items. We’ll take inventory of all items and carefully pack each one. We will then load everything into the truck, deliver it to storage or the new residence, and unload and rearrange. Each plan is flexible and designed to meet the exact needs of each individual client.

Storage Solutions for Extra Items

Oftentimes, senior moves involve moving a loved one from their multi-bedroom home to a single room. This results in extra furniture, clothing, and items that you aren’t ready to part with just yet. This is where storage solutions come into play. Here at Moving Companies Buffalo NY, we work with clients to get them storage solutions tailored to their specific needs. As with everything else we offer, your preferences, convenience and requirements are all built into our storage solution. This means there is a long-term option at the discounted rate, as well as temporary storage for those clients that do not foresee needing to store items for a long time. Our storage solutions come with 24-hour security, with some units also being climate controlled. There are also systems in place to safeguard against fire and other hazards.

Why Choose Moving Companies Buffalo NY for Your Senior Move?

No matter the level of your involvement, when you work with Moving Companies Buffalo NY you can rest assured that you are working a team of experts. Our professional movers will carry out your senior move with due diligence. No matter the challenges involved, we will make sure your loved one is fully taken care of. We will make sure you get:

  • Transparent and fair quotes
  • Highly trained and experienced team of movers
  • Personal attention to emotion and detail
  • Affordable storage solutions for the short and the long term
  • Complete service from loading to unloading
  • Awesome customer service, with a single point of contact

If it’s time to finally move your loved one out of their home, let us help you tackle this situation. Call us at 716-219-0021 to discuss the move and how our team of professionals can help.